COX RACING SERVICES provides Chip Timing for all road races ranging from 1K to Ultra Marathon distances. COX RACING SERVICES uses a Chip-Timing System that is operated by side or overhead antennas, so no dangerous mats or ramps are needed to electronically tabulate results. With our Chip-Timing System, there’s no more waiting for race results for long periods of time. Runners can see their finish times and results immediately!

COX RACING SERVICES also specializes in Pull Tag Electronic Timing. The Pull Tag Timing System is ACCURATE, RELIABLE, EFFECTIVE and COST EFFICIENT. Each participant wears a bib number with a pull-off tag attached to it. This is an effective timing system for races with a small number of participants (fewer than 200), or races of long duration, resulting in participants being spread out along the course and at the finish line. For races with a larger number of participation or larger races of shorter duration resulting in a high number crossing the finish line close together, our Chip-Timing option might be more suitable.

Thanks for your interest in Cox Racing Services. We will endeavor to do our best to ensure your event’s success. We take pride in your event success and go the extra mile to guarantee that your event is successful. We look forward to working with you at your next event and building a customized package to fit your event needs.